Solartek can help you choose the best solar electric system for your situation.  We offer custom designs and high quality installations using a variety of photovoltaic products.  We are happy to propose various system sizes, module choices and mounting styles to an interested homeowner or business.  Whether a small roof-mounted array or a large ground-mounted array, we can help guide you to a system that maximizes production at the best possible cost.  Our focus is on solar electric systems and the photovoltaic technology that makes these systems possible.

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Solar Tariffs

Solar modules imported into the United States from China or South Korea will now include a 30% tariff.  This was the administration’s response to a trade dispute brought by US solar manufacturers Suniva and Solarworld and heard by the International Trade Commission (ITC) in 2017.  The ITC had ruled that remedies were justified and gave the US Administration the opportunity to impose tariffs. 

The vast majority of modules are manufactured in these countries so prices for most new solar installations will rise, but not at the 30% rate that some have feared.  Modules are now only about half of the cost of a system.  In addition, the same slow decline in prices is likely to continue so at some point prices will be back where they were.

February 24, 2018:

Big Battery Bank for Off-Grid System