Solartek can help you choose the best solar electric system for your situation.  We offer custom designs and high quality installations using a variety of photovoltaic products.  We are happy to propose various system sizes, module choices and mounting styles to an interested homeowner or business.  Whether a small roof-mounted array or a large ground-mounted array, we can help guide you to a system that maximizes production at the best possible cost.  Our focus is on solar electric systems and the photovoltaic technology that makes these systems possible.

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OUC Discontinues Production Credit

Unfortunately for home owners being served by Orlando Utilities Commission who want solar, a very generous incentive has been discontinued.  OUC previously paid 5 cents a kilowatt hour for every kilowatt hour produced, whether it was used in the house or sold back to the utility.  For the average solar customer, that has provided an additional $40 a month credit giving many homeowners a very good return on their solar investment.  Existing solar customers will see the credit continuing for five more years, but no new customer is eligible. 

It is sad to see the incentive gone, but it has been very effective in promoting solar in Central Florida.  The quantity of homes on this program had increased rapidly lately so the costs may have been an issue for OUC.  In addition, the popularity of solar has grown so incentives like OUC’s are less necessary for the solar industry.

January 13, 2017:

Big Battery Bank for Off-Grid System