Solartek can help you choose the best solar electric system for your situation.  We offer custom designs and high quality installations using a variety of photovoltaic products.  We are happy to propose various system sizes, module choices and mounting styles to an interested homeowner or business.  Whether a small roof-mounted array or a large ground-mounted array, we can help guide you to a system that maximizes production at the best possible cost.  Our focus is on solar electric systems and the photovoltaic technology that makes these systems possible.

Custom Solar Electric Systems in Central Florida

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New SMA Inverter: 1500W of battery-less back-up power

New Electric Car? 

Charge it from your own photovoltaic system.


Vote YES on Amendment 4 on the August 30th Primary Ballot:

This amendment encourages solar use in Florida by exempting the value of a solar system from the appraised value used for assessing property taxes.   In other words, adding solar alone would not increase property taxes.   State law does already grant this exemption for  residential properties, but this amendment would extend it to businesses.  Since Florida property tax changes require a change to the constitution, an amendment is the only way to extend the exemption.

Although there is no obvious group opposing this amendment, some voters may not support a subsidy that would benefit the solar industry and the businesses that can afford solar.   If the amendment passes, however, businesses avoid the penalty of higher taxes for an upgrade that provides environmental benefits to everyone in the state.

Vote NO on Amendment 1 on the November 8th Ballot:

This amendment is bad for solar.  It is sponsored by many major utilities and at best it would change nothing.  At worst, it would allow utilities to block competitors or impose fees to solar owners. It would also theoretically allow the state to eliminate Florida’s net metering law.  Net metering requires the utility to buy excess solar energy from its customers.  It is a critical part of the financial value of owning a solar system.  This amendment claims to give consumers the right to install solar, but that right already exists. 

August 28, 2016:  Solar Constitutional Amendments

Big Battery Bank for Off-Grid System